We build organizations and governance solutions on the Ethereum blockchain.



Pacta for Business

For Business

You have conducted a token offering or are planning to do so. You like to communicate with the token holders and enable them to participate in your project.

Pacta provides an easy-to-use and secure platform for token governance - so that you can strengthen the trust in your project.

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Pacta for Associations

For Associations

You run an association or are planning to found one. You need a bank account with a transparent transaction log and well-defined access control. You like decentralized solutions so that you do not depend on any third-party.

Pacta enables you to found and run an association that runs on the blockchain - fast, easy and secure.

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We treat your data confidentially and do not share it with 3rd parties.

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Do you like our service? Do you have any questions? Do you miss a feature? Is there a technical issue?

Our service is new and we are fully aware that there is yet a lot to be done. Please support us by letting us know how you experienced our service.

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We are a fresh project and are looking for people to join. Pacta runs as a DAO (decentralized autonomous organisation) and has no legal form.

Do you like what we are doing? Are you interested to join? Let us know.

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Marc Waeckerlin

Founder, Tech Lead

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Simon Buechi

Founder, Business Lead

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+41 78 740 16 27
skype: simon.buechi