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Token Governance

Most tokens do not provide any functionality, they can simply be held or sold. Pacta provides enhanced functionality for token, i.e. for the token issuer as well as token holders. Simply connect your ERC20 token to Pacta and start running your token governance.

Governance as a Service

Pacta is a platform providing the infrastructure for you to run governance processes - share / token holder meetings, cash and asset management, voting and elections. Subscribe and unsubscribe to the platform as you wish.

Post-token-offering management

What happens after your successful token offering? Pacta provides a platform to keep in touch with the token holders and enables them to participate in the progress of the underlying security.

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Service offering

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Pacta's service offering is module-based. The client subscribes to those modules that he requires. Additional modules can be activated anytime.


We implement custom solutions for our clients.


Pacta offers SaaS (Software as a Service), or, as we like to call it: Governance as a Service. There are no lock-in effects on Pacta. Clients may leave the platform anytime.

Token life-cycle

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Token life-cycle

A token offering can be grouped in three phases: 1) Pre-phase 2) Offering 3) Post-Phase. Pacta offers services for the 3. phase - for all things that happen after the tokens have been distributed.


Post-offering is all about governance - to establish a strong and reliable relation between the token issuer and the token holders.

Long-term governance

A token represents an asset, a security, an organization or a conceptual idea. A token holder should be part of the fate of the underlying asset - similar to share holders.

Transparent governance

Transparent governance


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Connect to the token holders

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